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Art emerging from clay...

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Hand-crafted pottery

Pottery from dinnerware to artistic creations.


Classes and individual instruction are offered at my personal studio as well as through other studios.

A sample of the creations:

Teapot with 4 cups


Traditional teapot style, Cone 5, oxidation fired

Modified thrown piece


Cone 5, reduction fired

More examples:




Cone 5, oxidation fired

Vase, 12.5" tall


Raku fired.




Cone 5, oxidation fired



More examples:

Instruction and Gallery Exhibits

Classes, demonstrations, and individual instruction are offered.

Demonstrating using a treadle-wheel

at Burritt on the Mountain museum

Folklife Festival in 2016

Demonstrating making double-walled pieces

At the Tennessee Valley Ceramic Arts Guild studio in 2010.


Exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016

Studio Z gallery


Exhibit in Huntsville, Alabama in 2012

Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment


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Telephone: 1-256-426-4325


Address: Huntsville, Alabama

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